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German to English Translation

Translating German into English
since 1998

Rebecca Holmes Peterson


Tel. (USA): +1 (678) 468-7347
Tel. (D): +49 (0)2223 / 797 218
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Why translation is so important

Translation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Companies need translation in order to achieve success and stay competitive worldwide, whether by advertising to customers, training employees or communicating with shareholders. Educational, scientific and non-governmental institutions require translation to keep stakeholders informed, establish a strong global presence and publish their research results. Professional translation services are pivotal to achieving international success in today’s globalized world.

Why a human translator rather than a computer

Nowadays you can naturally have your text translated instantly by computer. But would the results be suitable for publication in your annual report? Would you post them on your social media channels? Would a prospective customer be puzzled by the mistakes in your product description—and pick up the next one on the shelf instead? Professional translation by a human being is something very different. Language can be simple, complex or highly nuanced. Choice of words, appropriate tone for a specific target group and correct use of terminology determine not only whether your reader understands your message but also how that reader views you as a person, company or organization. A computer translation program does not know or care if the text it produces makes perfect sense, resonates with your audience or creates the image you seek to present. As a professional translator, I do.

What makes me good at German to English translation

I have been providing high quality German to English translation services to international clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1998. I am certified both by the American Translators Association (ATA) and the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ). Translation is my career and my passion. I care about my work and I care about building lasting relationship with my clients, some of whom I have been working with for 20 years now. As a native speaker of English, I have acquired near native fluency in German both by studying for a degree in German and living in Germany for over 16 years. My in-depth understanding of the German language and culture enables me to translate not just words but also underlying cultural concepts and styles of thought for English-speaking audiences.

How my translations help you succeed

A translation is a success when the reader is not able to recognize it as such. So you could say I take pride in the invisibility of my work. I deliver linguistically and technically correct English translations adapted to your unique target group and context—be it global executives at a training retreat, users assembling a newly purchased product in their living room or scientists catching up on the latest academic research. Stylistic sensitivity is just as important as linguistic accuracy in reaching your target group and creating the right impression with them. I understand this and can help you achieve a perfectly polished global image.

My areas of expertise:

  • Corporate communications and journalism
    Press releases, presentations, newsletters, shareholder reports, sustainability reports, books, articles, social media posts
  • Marketing, PR and advertising
    Websites, press releases, catalogs, brochures, correspondence, video texts
  • HR and education
    Training documents for management and employees, scientific articles, university materials, research reports
  • Cosmetics and fashion
    Catalogs, product descriptions, instructions, tutorials, industry-specific communications and marketing
  • Automotive and technical
    User manuals, repair manuals, part catalogs, industry-specific communications and marketing
  • Thanks for a great translation! It's like a breath of fresh air to proofread your translations. Most of the texts I get to proofread require a lot of work. This was simply nice to read!"
    Proofreader at a large logistics provider
  • It's not just good to work together with you – it's fun!!"
    Department manager at a pharmaceutical company
  • Sterling and beautifully researched translation!"
    Project manager at a global pharmaceutical company
  • Thank you for the quick and excellent revision of the texts. Their quality has improved by leaps and bounds as a result."
    End customer at major publishing conglomerate
  • Once again, I am totally delighted by your translation. Your choice of words and power of expression is simply wonderful."
    Project manager at a publishing company
  • Thank you! You are a true artist of the written word!"
    Reaction to translation of a newsletter for a consulting company

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