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Quality speaks for itself.

My regular clientele includes some of Germany’s largest globally operating corporations. On request, I will be happy to provide you with contacts and testimonials.

A selection of my clients:

  • A major publishing conglomerate
  • Two worldwide logistics providers
  • Three global pharmaceutical companies
  • Two of Germany’s premiere carmakers
  • Numerous marketing, PR and translation agencies
  • International consulting firms and market research institutes
  • Several of Germany’s foremost language service agencies for the advertising industry


“Thanks for a great translation! It’s like a breath of fresh air to proofread your translations. Most of the texts I get to proofread require a lot of work. This was simply nice to read!”

Proofreader at a large logistics provider

“Thank you for the quick and excellent revision of the texts. Their quality has improved by leaps and bounds as a result.”

End customer at major publishing conglomerate

“Once again, I am totally delighted by your translation. Your choice of words and power of expression is simply wonderful.”

Project manager at a publishing company

“Sterling and beautifully researched translation!”


Project manager at a global pharmaceutical company

“Thank you! You are a true artist of the written word!”


Reaction to translation of a newsletter for a consulting company

“It’s not just good to work together with you – it’s fun!!”


Department manager at a pharmaceutical company