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Originally from sunny south Florida, I moved to Germany after completing my degree in English Literature and German. I spent my first few years in the Rhineland working as an English teacher and studying at the universities of Cologne and Bonn. As a matter of fact, I began my career by translating and proofreading scientific articles for my professors there.

I eventually returned to the United States after spending a total of 16 years living in Germany, most of it in beautiful Königswinter near Bonn. Having spent so much time abroad has given me a broad understanding of both the German and American mentalities that enables me not only to translate texts, but to adapt them to suit our different cultural perspectives. What I love most about my job is the opportunity to learn something new with each document. Information drawn from my translation work has inspired everything from the recipe for my family’s Christmas dinner to our vacation destinations.

Technically I may work alone, but I regard myself as part of your team. As a team, we can best succeed when we communicate well and understand each other. That is why personal relationships with my clients are important to me. I enjoy getting to know my customers and providing them with outstanding work. My promise to you is never to regard a translation as final until you are completely happy with it.

  • It's not just good to work together with you – it's fun!!"
    Department manager at a pharmaceutical company
  • Thank you for the quick and excellent revision of the texts. Their quality has improved by leaps and bounds as a result."
    End customer at major publishing conglomerate
  • Thank you! You are a true artist of the written word!"
    Reaction to translation of a newsletter for a consulting company
  • Thanks for a great translation! It's like a breath of fresh air to proofread your translations. Most of the texts I get to proofread require a lot of work. This was simply nice to read!"
    Proofreader at a large logistics provider
  • Sterling and beautifully researched translation!"
    Project manager at a global pharmaceutical company
  • Once again, I am totally delighted by your translation. Your choice of words and power of expression is simply wonderful."
    Project manager at a publishing company